Ke Kehriye Se?

Vashishta House Captains — Trying not to get distracted by the giggles from the audience!

If you have finally managed to catch your breath, laughing at the pic above, yes that’s yours truly. And the perpetrator of the crime, the person responsible for me in the get-up I was in, is the girl standing right next to me. Thank god, I didn’t see a mirror I would have certainly horrified myself.

To understand the amazing comedy of the situation, I didn’t know a fragment of Hindi to save my life; and here I was on stage spouting chaste Haryanvi.

In the year I was the house-captain of my house (obviously), all houses had to present a show on stage based on a particular state of India. We got Haryana.

Since each programme required a compere, and my very capable colleague, the girl house-captain (it can’t get more obvious than this), decided that the only people fit for the job were us.

But I don’t know Haryanvi!, I protest. Besides the house needs my administrative abilities, blah blah

Unspeakable threats.

Anyway, crux of the story: I found myself mysteriously transported to the day of the show, backstage. All I remember backstage is me wearing one of those ready-made dhotis 2 sizes too small, so I was walking like a penguin and getting a huge moustache (yes, the very one you see in the photograph) painted on my face.

Now being the house-captains, we were required to present a report on the activities of the house. At some point in the programme, we introduced ourselves, and we crammed into the backstage.

10 seconds later, my colleague and I walk out with ties added to our getup – and I gave the entire house report sporting a Veerappan moustache! and I was wondering why the whole audience was tittering listening to the drabbest ever house-report.

By the way, we won the first prize for compering. Figures.


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