Email chess and other such random activities…

I once told my friend that I had started playing email-chess.

Oh no, you mean Internet Chess.

No, I mean email-chess. You know you send your moves by email. It takes pretty long to finish a game, sometimes months.

Aah, for every time, my friend thought I was seriously retarded…


That reminded me of the time, when I first started playing Internet chess (not email chess). I lost the very first game. Before I started, I was assigned a number – 1200. Which I, in my great wisdom, assumed was my rank.

So when I lost, the number changed from 1200 to 1150, while the other guy got the 50 points. I, in my enlightened state, was on 7th heaven, thinking – I am so good, that even though I lost, I played so superbly that I jumped up by 50.

My cocoon of bliss was torn apart in a few days, when I found out that Vishy was in the high 2600s.


Once the same friend, who thought I was retarded, said:

These competitions that have return-tickets as prizes – they seriously are so dumb. I mean, we have to go to that place to use it.

Sorry friend, I just couldn’t resist. I can still chuckle my gall-bladder out when I think about this.


No, we didn’t have to practise. The dumbness came naturally. You know like my writing. šŸ˜›


2 responses to “Email chess and other such random activities…

  1. Muahahahahaha. A genuine I-did-this-too moment.

  2. :)… Memories are made of these…

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