My Mallu Turrets

Sitting in the computer lab of my college and listening to the Eagles has the amazing effect of creating a space-time continuum around you that you are not even aware of the person sitting next to you glaring at you disgustingly at my attire; and soon enough you start believing you are in a movie about yourself and find yourself jiving to the background music…. Perfect conditions to write a blog.

Anyway, this is a “cover” (been practising with my band a lot 🙂 ) on one of my previous posts. Its about one of those things about me that even I couldn’t explain. Here it goes…

This fine day, after I shaved myself (which I did after a lot of persistence from Mom after Dad started complaining about the Yeti we had apparently adopted),… after I shaved myself, I was admiring the way light just gleamed off my chin and blinded me in the mirror.

While I was absorbed in myself, my hands were totally operating on instinct. Instinct, I say, because what happened next could only be explained by that.

I took the bottle of Old Spice, (not taking my eyes off my face, you handsome devil, you..) and pumped the lotion into my hands and my hands feeling liquid, did what Mallus have been doing for generations.

I rubbed and massaged all that after-shave into the deepest of deep pores of my… head.

And all this while I was gazing into my eyes, bracing for the inevitable sting when I suddenly realised what I was doing.

Now typically, a normal person would have cursed and cursed, if this ever happened to a normal person. But I, only I could do this, quickly took a look around, to see if anybody was watching me. Seeing there was no one, I quickly salvaged as much after-shave as I could from head,… and rubbed it onto my face.

Oh well.


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