America’s diversifying… culturally

For the first time in the history of the American Republic, has a woman announced that she will run for Presidency. Alongwith Hillary Clinton (Wikipedia), Senator Barack Obama, a black son of an immigrant, and the Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson, who is Hispanic are also expected to throw their hats in the ring. A sea-change from the usual array of Anglo-Saxon rednecks.

The presidency elections was a terrible anti-climax last time, when the voters realised (finally!) they didn’t have any real choice. Both Kerry and Bush had similar stands on all issues – both wanted lower taxes for the rich, both wanted to some extent continue the Iraq war, etc.

Is this the beginning of vote-bank politics in America? What about the blacks in Florida, who were effectively disenfranchised last time? Who will they vote for? Hillary, because the Clintons have traditionally been seen as hardcore Democrats or Barack, the son of the soil?


A 12th Dallas Convict Is Exonerated by DNA

A 50-year-old Dallas man whose conviction of raping a boy in 1982 cost him nearly half his life in prison and on parole won a court ruling Wednesday declaring him innocent. He said he was not angry, “because the Lord has given me so much.”

Mr. Waller broke down once at the hearing, when describing how his car crashed on the way to a court proceeding in 2001, an accident that killed his pregnant wife, Doris, and the unborn daughter they had wanted to call Grace. “I said, ‘Well, I don’t want to live no more,’ ” he recalled, mopping his face with a tissue.

Just a reminder that things can go horribly wrong in life. Count your blessings.


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