Happy Republic Day!

Indian Tricolour
The Indian Tricolour

Like most Indians, I will be lazing around today, doing nothing much more than to keep my metabolism going. Ah, these extended weekends…. they’ll give me a heart-attack one day.

Speaking of which there has been considerable debate on whether the Republic Day parade should be scrapped or not. I certainly do not think so: scrapping it purely on the grounds that there is no use for the Republic Day now, certainly doesn’t make any sense. There was always never any use for the Indian Armed Forces to put on display its entire might.

The argument put forward is that it shows India as a nation interested in building its physical strength and the Parade is merely a way of psyching out the poor visitor we call every year.

That is so not true.

The Republic Day is merely that – celebrating the day when India become a republic, when India decided collectively that they will bind their fate and actions to 90,000 words of legalese on the 26th of January, 57 years ago; when they decided that the person they will be governed by, will be chosen by them.

Republic Day Parade
Republic Day Parade

And it is that person, that very same chosen by the People of India, to which all the regiments and corps salute to when they march down Rajpath – signifying that we take orders from nobody else but that frail chap standing there.

It is what we call tradition – like when, in some countries, the father of the bride hands over her shoes to the bridegroom, signifying that – “Hahahahaha.. now you get to take care of her.”

If you want to dismantle this beautiful tradition, which never hurt anybody (except some adventurous tourists trying to get in the barricaded zone), do so. But do so knowing that, it is not about war, its about order.


3 responses to “Happy Republic Day!

  1. well…i have no comments on the topics although i’d say nice work with the page…its always very relaxing to read ‘pointless’ articles…well thats debatable but then i’d better better waste ur time with the world.

    (psst…keep this away from the brothers (u know the ones paying u all that cash)…just in case they take this as a negative reference)

    how about that…i managed to use brackets within brackets…too much maths…too much maths

  2. and i suppose u’ll correct my language there…and figure it out..i know u can do it…its weird this thing doesn’t let me edit comments

  3. Hmm, bobby, I won’t edit your comments.. Thanks for dropping by.. You should start writing again too!

    by the way the only way you can edit your comments is to register and login 🙂

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