An extension on my sabbatical…

… and an assurance that the story is well underway. Tis only the clanging bells of the dreaded examinations which are pealing from round the corner, that makes me, difficult as it might be, keep away from my blog.

Though I must warn you people, ye readers of my blog, the anecdote or lore I happen to cook up, might not warrant the suspense I am drumming up, and may just end up in a grand anti-climax, aaah just like my good old college days.


Oh and by the way, now that I have started writing, I couldn’t resist this. I attended not one but two concerts, one of them in which, one of the pantheon of my music gods, Indian Ocean performed. To put it mildly,… they were mind-blowing!

Oh, but the tremendous thing that I did was that I went backstage, like a teeny-bopper and almost cupped my hands over my mouth and jumped up and shrieked out loud when I saw the band walk out. So much for dignity.

After which, Ali Azmat proceeded to display how wonderfully down pat, he has his American accent, to which we all delightfully clapped and hooted. 😛

[Indian Ocean has a wonderfully designed website. Check it out, even just for the aesthetics. For all you cheapskates, it has free downloads too.]


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  1. Whoops!! Confusing.. wrong post..

    Administrator’s comment: The original comment is here.

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