London Ho!

Firstly, I have been getting a lot of irate mails from my readers (ok not a lot.. but they are there) for not writing anything beyond Ladykinis. Wow! I have a loyal readership (.. or are you guys really bored?… the cynic in me refuses to die, :).. Always cracks me up when somebody tells me I write well.. hehe.. god)

Thank you, by the way. It is kind of overwhelming, when you get a threatening message at 3 am in the morning from a frustrated reader. May my fellow bloggers experience the same.. 🙂


Of course, this is even more irritating for some of my readers; especially after I ranted like a fanatic and they had to start blogging to get me off their backside. muhahaha, evil aren’t I?


Of course, now that a lot of people know that I am in London, let’s make it official, I am in the Land of the Stiff Uppah Lip. Of course, the acclimatisation to the place wasn’t easy.

Starting with the 9-hour airplane journey, which was murder for my bladder. For once in a long time, I was wishing that I was an astronaut… so that I didn’t have to actually worry about going to the bathroom to do my stuff.

And the in-flight entertainment, hehe, I made aaaaaample use of it. I was surfing the channels like never before…. and I was so wishing I could use my remote to control others’ TVs.. hehe.. Gawd, I could have had so much fun….

And once we landed there, I was taught the meaning of parking problems. I mean, we know car-owners in Delhi have a problem with finding parking spaces, but a plane in Heathrow!… Seriously, they actually had to move out a plane and we had to wait aside while the space was getting free. Now what,…. giant parking meters?

And of course, the criminally deceptive weather in London. Sunny here, doesn’t mean hot, please, like in Good Ol’ Delhi. Sunny could mean anything from stuffy to Arctic chills so there… No rain yet.. But do I need that to get an amazing cold, in which you can see the colours of the rainbow when you sneeze?

London is made for sightseeing. I mean, even the locals probably do that on the weekends. The Oyster card is so delightful: For 89 pounds… I can travel unlimited on the tube and the bus for a month… good deal, eh? Its called wings of freedom….


I have just landed here.. so I don’t have much to say about London… this was just to keep my blog from going rusty. More later. Ciao. “Belated” Happy Easter 😀


2 responses to “London Ho!

  1. Brilliant Sonny ol’ boy. Not the writing but the fact that you have written. As you would have realised, this is just to say, Bobby was here. Oh and thank you for all the references.

    Yours truly,
    An irate reader

  2. Thanks for the moral ishport!

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