Celebrating my Budday in Landan!

Now that you think about it, most of the famous writers in the world were famous travel bloggers: Fa Hiyan, Marco Polo, Alexandre Dumas. Yes, blogging existed way before the internet, only it was called litterachur then or sometimes buks. So, might as well travel down the well-worn path to being a famous writer before trying anything else…

London is a place where people who are full of romantic ideas of what London should be live in what London is, which happens to be totally different from what it should be. Of course, it doesn’t help that it looks so much like what it should be.

All the buildings here in Central London, which is the only London I know till now, have preserved neatly and unlike in India, the insides are also unspoilt. šŸ™‚ You possibly cannot complain against the city, and now that we are having an unexpected weekend of good weather, it almost looks like good times come again.

But somehow I haven’t cottoned on to the idea of London.

I mean this is the land of Shakespeare. This was the city that was on the peak of an empire covering a quarter of the world at some point in time. This was the city where capitalism practically began. A couple of hundred miles north of here, gravity was discovered. Haydn played here, and so did Elgar. The Queen lives here, and so did Princess Diana. This is a place where great things have happened. But.. (there is always a but, isn’t there?)

And, there are no fans! Its so irritating because all day long you are cooped up in a stagnant sterile room, with no air movement at all. The Indian in me screams for a fan!

The city itself is soo.. lifeless. The people here think it is rude if you ask them from where they are (How do you make friends??). In fact the first thing that struck me was the fact that a mass of people can go in the Tube to the office and back without talking at all during the half an hour or hour long journey! In Delhi, you try keeping the junta quiet in the bus! šŸ™‚

And, there are no fans! Its so irritating because all day long you are cooped up in a stagnant sterile room, with no air movement at all. The Indian in me screams for a fan!

Everything is so clean. I never thought clean would be so irritatingly boring! No wonder people here tend to enjoy the crowds on weekends, some chaos!

Which brings me back to our country… now you then realise after living the dreary life they have lived.. their food, eeesh, when they come to India, its like their heaven! No wonder so many Brits are fascinated by India and don’t want to leave…! šŸ™‚ Our country is such a riot of colours and sounds as compared to London, where it can get suffocatingly quiet during the day!

But I resolve to look for the good in the city… Watch this space.


4 responses to “Celebrating my Budday in Landan!

  1. hehe, so you’re already sick of seeing brown. black and grey everywhere! hope the sunshine brings some cheer to you šŸ™‚ bask in it while it lasts!

    p.s. there’s a gurudwara in shepherd’s bush where they offer sumptuous langars every wednesday and sunday night…make it there by 8.30 to avail of the free indian food…

  2. Hehe.. Cheap food.. don’t tell me about cheap food… the amount of trouble I have gone to get cheap food in London when I am out and then paying double the amount I expected to pay..

  3. hehe, eating out in London is in-sin-ly expensive!
    but the langars are as cheap as FREE, do try if you can!
    so how did you honour your tummy on your birthday?

  4. I took me and me roomies out for some Cornish pasties.. I hated them in the end.. but in the beginning, for a couple of pounds, they were excellent šŸ˜€

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