Fountain Pen Guy

Writing with a fountain pen while studying in a business school is quite incongruous, or so my friends back home would want me to think. Every time, I take out my fountain pen to write my notes during a lecture, the guy/girl sitting beside me would smirk, roll their eyes, and laugh at me in their minds, and look at me with their piteous eyes.

So whenever the attendance sheet passes by our way, they see it as an opportune moment to swipe my precious pen out my hands and try it out.

And then, they have to close their eyes, to control the sheer pleasure that they get when the nib glides over paper.

Then, when they open their eyes, gone is the pity; in its place is a new-found admiration. That’s when they look at their lowly ball-pens.. and decide not to lift their heads back again.


If you happen to be one of the above-mentioned category, don’t be offended. I mean I am obnoxious at times, but not so blatant as, say Gandalf Greyheme here. But in the tiniest possibility if you do happen to get offended, here is a consolation: I was once one of you. It is possible to be converted 🙂


4 responses to “Fountain Pen Guy

  1. Oi! I’m not obnoxious!

  2. Hehe.. Ladies and gentleman, another example of his obnoxiousness.

    @Gandalf: 😛

  3. I’ll get you for this Vivek Sonny Abraham!!!!!!!

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