Workoutable – 2

Pound vs. Dollar
A trans-atlantic cable used for communication brought about a popular term for one of the most looked at prices in the financial world. What was the name and what was it for?

As usual, the rules remain the same, this question is work-outable; you don’t need to Google, and doing so, would be cheating. Post your answers in the comments.


7 responses to “Workoutable – 2

  1. Come on, somebody!

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  3. beats me! iv been honest to not google!

  4. I’ll give people another week to get the answer… Hint: the answer is in the post itself. Another hint: think “trans-atlantic”

  5. transatlanticism – a muchloved album by death cab for cutie
    pacific bell- a ‘communications’ giant with an ocean in its name, though a completey different one
    everyone now knows why im anonymous in the quzzing circuit

  6. Nice try.. but (there always has to be a but!)..

    The term is “Cable” for the GBP/USD rate. A lot of the Reuters communiques use this term for the pound/dollar exchange.

    PS: “What about the hint?”: See the pic… 🙂

    PPS: Az, Vix, Bobby: Do you guys remember the 41 / 14 hint we had on one of our quiz prelim sheets….? Those were the days.. Az’s computer and his obsessive filing, Sirjee and Tom & Jerry

  7. …..oh man..those really were the days, we shud have a quizzing blog, with a quizzing diaries section. so many songs, images are just so deeply assoiated with quiz questions.

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