Incongruity, thy name is…

A few weeks ago, a certain Benedict Jain started inscribing epithets on my friends’ and my scrapbooks and sending them alongwith seemingly unwanted “frand” requests. It was only until, BJ put up his photograph did some semblance of familiarity descend upon us.

“OMG, its Bobbby!”

And immediately, my mind goes back to the time when this name was first conjured up….


Sayeth Winterborne: “What is the most incongruous name can you come up with?”

Bobby: (Deep thought)

Wnwek: (Giggles, clapping hand over mouth, in anticipation of extreme slapstick comedy, prepares to take needle and thread to stitch up his poor split sides)

Winterborne: “Benedict Jain. There. Hearing the first name, never shall you guess the second. And Vice Versa. Quod Erat Demonstrandum. Period.”

Bobby: (Still lost in deep thought. Now looking wide-eyed at wnwek desperately trying to thread the needle while he is rotfl.)


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