London, the city over the Underground

A long time since I have written about London, and what prompted me to was this: Teki’s newest contribution to the blogspace, or more particularly this post. Interesting website.

While others have been living their lives, Rohit, Karan and I have been seeing London, the Indian tourist style. Our first stop was ofcourse the Buckingham Palace, to say pranaam to the nice old Rani of Phirangs.

Me in front of the Buckingham Palace, with Rohit
Hey Liza!: Rohit and me in front of the Buckingham Palace, Karan behind the camera.

And soon after we felt hungry. And whoever said ignorance is bliss, please get ready for a mighty spanking.


So we felt hungry. Big Deal. You mean to say there aren’t any eating joints around Buckingham Palace?

Did you look at those bloody prices? !@#$%

Let’s go get a McDonald’s.

Where is the nearest one, you mighty brain on legs?

I don’t know, you were in-charge of the maps, you compass!

There is a bus there.. maybe we can get on one and get off if we find one.


So we got on to the bus, no clue where we were heading towards, but in search of those Golden Gates that every tourist in an alien city looks for… and having hungry grumbling friends, and being irritably hypoglycemic yourself, because you so cleverly skipped breakfast trading off food for sleep, … that bus ride was anything but pleasant.


Rohit and I on the London Bridge
Rohit and I on the London Bridge. Papparazzi: Karan

London is a beautiful place… if you know how to read maps. And for the first few days, neither of us could make head or tail of what was going on.

Anyway, cut to London Bridge tube station. How we got there, don’t ask. We just did.


And, what do we get at the London Bridge tube station? Manna from heaven! An oasis for the parched throats for these weary travellers. A food court!! Mama mia!

And then as we saw those 2 magic words, Burger King, we rushed, fearing that the mirage might wither away… and quickly dispatched a couple of burgers to their gruesome fate, before letting out the car… no pape, dakkar.. (excuse me)


Can a person be more grateful..? I say, munching the Toblerone we bought, just in case, while walking down to the Tower Bridge from the London Bridge.


Why, do you ask, we walk down from the London Bridge along the Thames to the Tower Bridge, when although our feet are leaden, they could splinter like wood? That’s another story. Not funny.


3 responses to “London, the city over the Underground

  1. hehe…
    wow i can relate to the maps bit..
    since ur new to the city, something that migt interest u, is taking photographs of absurd english and irish pubs names..
    they range from the sensible to the nonsensical
    itll keep u busy!
    p.s: thanks for visiting our blog and dropping a nice line about it in ur post!

  2. oh and the zombie procession was on 7th april!

  3. hehe, so you’re currently learning to ‘mind the gap’ eh?!

    London looks so unbelievably sunny in your pics – enjoy the walks and the food hunts…and if you’re planning to go to 221B Baker Street plz do take as many pics as you can, i’d love to see ’em.

    and thanks for blogrolling us…cheers 🙂

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