Bloomberg tricks

Of course, now that I am in the financial world, I have learnt a few neat tricks, but sadly, these can be understood only by my fellow-idiots. (Obnoxious, a la Gandalf. (@Gandalf: Oooooooooooh I am scared))

Did you know you can see who has done insider-trading on which day, and what exactly he did, using Bloomberg? Very simple. (Applicable only to listed companies, obviously!). Follow directions given below:

  1. Find out the ticker for your company.
  2. Then type it out and press enter
  3. Then type GIP and enter
  4. Here is the coolest command of them all, GPTR. Gives you when and what insider trading has been done. Check out the date you want to see.
  5. Look up the date you want to check out about insider trading… preferably before corporate actions.
  6. Type PHC3 and then type enter
  7. Voila! You have now the insider trader alongwith details of the trade. (Just hope it isn’t your boss!)


London is the city over the Underground. For the first time, I heard my colleagues swear, when they heard that just before office closing time, the tube line (Jubilee line) had shut down due to a fire alert. Hmm.. nobody remembers the incident of a couple of years ago.


I have been officially rendered speechless ever since I came across this grotesque product of human creativity. Apocalypse is near.


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