Blogs from DCE

Since a lot of my friends have started writing blogs, now is an apt time to sit back and see how they fit into my universe of blogging. Interestingly, I’ll try and map them to the people they are.


I’ll start with Bobby’s My Ignored Space; like the guy himself, very understated, and unkempt at times. The chap has an innate sense of music, (Interesting nugget: Did you know he knows how to play the violin?), or so has he tried to pass it off in his blog. πŸ™‚ Of course, he writes regularly about his wine and cheese parties, where he reads Gabriel Garcia Marquez, drinking Chardonnay, smoking cigars rolled on the thighs of Cuban virgins, thinking about how the Kalman filter fits into the logic behind the creation of the ever-entwining fabric of the Universe. Interesting, if you like that kind of stuff, though he has some mainstream fare too, for the general passerby.


Then of course, a blog from a person I know very well, A-dobby, writes on the current technology from around the world, mostly Adobe. It helps that he is quite ugly :), just like the house-elf from Harry Potter, Dobby, and he could name his blog appropriately. Apart from tech writing, (its quite appropriate, you know, since he was “sash”ed as Mr. Programmer, like some Parsi of the modern ages, at college) (People, can you sense yet, I am totally jealous of this guy?), he does some sensible writing on the side.


Then, another guy who writes stuff for the tabloids that I read on the Tube nowadays, exciting but something you would have been never been bothered about before you read his piece. He was famous in college for his liberal views, some babies can sing paeans about them, somehow he has not yet taken the very radical stance in any of his blog-posts; the most radical he got was declaring his undying love to chhole bhature from Shankar Market He has talent, and you know what, it is getting better. I am still waiting patiently for his masterpiece.


A recent blog I uncovered was the very earthy and very exposing SP’s blog, ahem, quite like its owner I must say. πŸ™‚ This one’s just a baby, and it has yet to bloom into a flower. (One wonders at this point what else can you bloom into. Aaah,….(lightbulb)…. hence, the term “deflowering”)


A blog that I recently discovered, and has really good stuff on it, which frankly I didn’t expect to have much more than unprintable words, πŸ™‚ is here. Prakhar Sharma made me go to his blog at mouse-point, threatening that he wouldn’t fill up my e-survey if I didn’t visit his blog. :P. Well there you are I have not only blogrolled you, reviewed you, but I have also visited your sports blog, which you and Pegu have recently started. Most of your football updates can be gotten from here, and some really cool stuff like this., which means that they don’t have much to do. Welcome aboard! You shall make a great manager.


Of course, the most recent DCE blog that I know of is Teki’s new joint venture. Strictly speaking, it is only half-blood (Ma’am, you don’t know how lucky you are to miss the college we were in), but being the generous guy I am, I have included your trivial pursuit here. The psuedo-quizzer I have been, I shall never be able to answer the questions, he puts up on the blog. (But, can you answer my question? :D) . Last heard Teki was embroiled in a fashion and identity crisis, with people mistaking him for his girlfriend. Read more here.


If there is a guy who can become synonymous with a number, (apart from Douglas Adams, who is, by the way, is way way outside the scope of this blog), it is 8820…. uhhh I mean Sam. And his blog, is pretty much like him.


This is one entry, I forgot in the first edition; I am so terribly sorry!

How could I forget the Wizard? An upcoming blog, but the coolest feature about his blog is that you can listen to his music, music written by him I mean, on his blog. Gandalf, or Gollum, we lovingly called him, has also written some very good stuff, giving you a different-from-the-rose-tinted-way-of-looking-at-how-life-works view. The latest piece he has written has charmed me, and I will be an ardent watcher of his blog.


2 responses to “Blogs from DCE

  1. -thus speaketh the blogmaster. hutt saale πŸ˜‰ !

  2. Sarcasm doesn’t become you… πŸ™‚

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