A trip to Bath and a much-needed weekend

Today, we went to Bath but I want to hold talking about that off for sometime, since I don’t have photos for the trip right now: enough to say now though that we had an awesome day. Londoners who haven’t visited Bath yet, should plan to do so (Get to Paddington and buy tickets to Bath Spa from there. Rough estimate of cost GBP 40, though expected to go up) in the next upcoming weekend (3-day weekend for most) immediately! Meanwhile, we are undergoing a mini-crisis, since we don’t know what to do next weekend. I can feel the small L (for loser) bumping up on my forehead already.

Whatever you guys do at Bath, do visit the Roman Bath, the reason why the place is called Bath. An awesome history lesson.


I hate this. During the day, I think about so many things and I say to myself: I must blog about that! But, frustratingly enough when I open my laptop to blog for the day, the keyboard cheekily stares back at me, dares me to write something.


Hmm… still stuck with 1 am writer’s block. Anybody got any pointers?


Aaaah… food. My ever-trustworthy fallback. For many in the UK, especially who would like to optimise on their food expenses, would have by now discovered the Cornish pasty (not pastry). It is something like the kachori, but has all sorts of fillings from cheese and mushroom to brie (I still have to figure what that is) and chicken. And they have baguettes and pizza slices. All this at a very reasonable price of GBP 2.50 onwards. (Before you start converting it into INR, you should know that it is a cardinal sin to do that over here, unless of course, you want to get heart attacks every time you spend some money, or get excited when you find some coins on the road.)


Something that hits you when you reach here, is the difference in the quality of chocolates here and back home. Its so amazing here, because its so concentrated! But it works both ways: many a time I have gotten quite sick at office, because eating too much chocolate in one go.


Azeez sent me this link this week. Wonder what’s up in his life…? 🙂


Last heard, IIMB results were out for this year. I have been hearing some rumours about numbers myself, but I am not clear.

Anyway, congratulations to all those guys, who made it, and a warm welcome to those who are coming to Bangalore. Those who are: Rest assured you are coming to the best management institute in India, not some WIMWI.

Any questions about the institute, or any comments are gladly welcome. Please go through the pagalguy forum, before coming to me: likely to be a better source of information. But if you are stubborn….


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