The Best Page in the Universe

I remember seeing this page a long time ago; Bobby showed it to me once way back in 2003 I think. I am pleasantly surprised to still see that chap up and at it. Apparently he has been at it since 1997.

The Best Page in the Universe has a lot of offensive humour about a variety of topics under the sun (This one about Mac users is pretty good 🙂 ); of course, most of it is a parody and exaggerated to high heaven.

Its one of the few pages that still runs on a CGI platform (Somebody the other day was arguing that Y!Mail used to run on CGI till recently!) and is wholly made on vi! (Die, the Church of Emacs! Vix, that includes you.) Reminds me of the old days. (sigh).

Updated: To read all the best ones, read the hate mail. Some of the mail and the retorts are priceless.


2 responses to “The Best Page in the Universe

  1. Yup, totally agree.

    I saw it way back in 2000 and I was surprised that the guy had the stamina to go on spewing his vengeance on the world all these years. Stumbled back to the site throught the iPhone review he posted.

    But I still like going back though–I find the content hilarious, even if it might be offensive to some people. 🙂

  2. I am a GVim convert 😐

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