Arjun Raina and “Tracking Creative Boundaries”: Corrigendum

Sometime ago, I wrote Arjun Raina and “Tracking Creative Boundaries”, which was about one of the many interesting sessions I have had in a course that I had taken this term. I have been guilty of a grievous error in that post.

The error that I want to set straight is in this line, I had mentioned in the passing:

He lends very minimally to the course, though.

He, being Prof. Ramnath Naryanswamy.

Somewhere, in between meeting all the famous people from the world, we only read about in the papers, I got the impression that the course was about their lives. I should have waited for a little more time before drawing my conclusions from the course.

… like a complex piece of origami..

You see, I thought our Professor had merely set the boundaries and the framework of the course, and it was the guest speakers doing the colouring within the lines. But, after the course concluded, it was quite the other way round; our guest speakers had set the background, while our Professor used their stories to tell us where we were.

So, in the end, it was all about us. The course was like a complex piece of origami, which till the last fold, you think it’s going to be a paper boat, but actually turns out to be a swan.

Now that I think about it, this is why I took the course in the first place.


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