Selling my blog for a thumbnail

When I started this blog, one of the things I swore not to do, was to sell advertising space on it. (I would never make a living out of it anyway, but that is a different story.) It’s plain and simple why: It looks ugly!

For example, look at this webpage. This is the work of a 17-year old, who is now worth a million dollars. She made all that money making templates and designs for MySpace pages.

It would have been a wonderful site, heck, it would have beaten some of the entries at CSS Zen Garden hands down, but for those ugly blotches with the preamble: “Ads by Google” and those ugly moving flash thingies. Thinking of that splashed on my pristine blog-page, only makes me puke.


You might argue, what are those tiny little images at the bottom of the left side-bar? Aren’t they tiny advertisements? Yeah, but there is a huge difference, I actually use the product or support the cause! 😛


Vista 2007

But readers, you will permit me one transgression, though I stand on a moral high-ground. That would be the Vista logo I have willingly pockmarked my page with.

Visit Vista, the annual biz-fest at IIMB, which will happen from the 12th to the 14th of October 2007. Though I am prejudiced, I will still say this: It is quite a professional show, especially the quiz on the last day. (I won’t forget this quiz because of what I did last year, but that is yet another story 🙂 )


One response to “Selling my blog for a thumbnail

  1. I seriously agree dude. It sucks to sell your blog space.

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