Mission Rescue Blog: Accomplished

Cross-posted from my old blog.

Finally, I have managed to recover my old blog, on which I had started my illustrious blogging career (*smirk*). I have my sister to thank for coming back to the hideous writing that I thought I had carefully hidden away from the rest of the world.

This blog was started long before Google integrated all the Blogger accounts with Google accounts, and somewhere in the melee, my id and password got lost. I forgot the answer to my secret question that was to be answered for recovering my password, which was an enigmatic “Why?”. It was like the Universe pleading with me to stop committing the atrocities on the written language.

Anyway then it all looked like the grand design of the universe to help me begin anew, and I did. My new blog is at https://wnwek.wordpress.com, and this blog has been canned. All rotten eggs, tomatoes, and brickbats to be directed there now.


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