Hands-on Communism Anyone?

The Malayalam film industry is currently wracked by an on-going feud between a famous actor, and an equally famous director.The actor is backed by the Association of Malayalam Movie Actors (AMMA), a powerful organisation without whose backing no actor could possibly survive. The Association of Producers and after-movie release PArty organisers (APPA) has also decided to back AMMA. APPA has categorically stated that no film venture without the blessings of AMMA, will receive any money from APPA.

On the other hand, the director is being backed by the Malayalam Cine Technicians Association (MAcTA), the parent organisation of AMMA and APPA, and is visibly angry with the two associations and has decided that till the actor has apologised to the director, MAcTA will not work with AMMA and APPA. Joining hands with MAcTA are People Interested in Cinema, Theatrics and dramA (PIcTA), who have threatened to boycott all movies having the concerned actor directed by the concerned director. MAcTA is a little confused by this move of PIcTA’s but MAcTA is taking whatever it gets.

The tremors have been felt far and wide in the nation, with the CHANdigarh’s Theatre Association (CHANTA), stating that, “This confrontation has been a slap in our face.” JHArkhand’s People for Acting and Drama (JHAPAD), it has been reliably learnt, also has expressed similar views.

Meanwhile, the spot boys of the industry have finally got time in what is otherwise a busy time for them. They have decided to form a union, and as part of their 3-point agenda have gone on strike for the next 3 months. Babycheta, one of the oldest in the association, said while holidaying in Munnar, “Finally we are getting what we want. We will go on strike regularly during the summer and winter, so that it coincides with the summer and winter holidays.”

Pointing out to Babycheta, that maybe holidays should be the busiest season for movie-making, since everybody goes to watch them then, he retorted, “Anyway, the students cut class and watch movies during school. I don’t think we will lose out on that segment.”

Taking strong exception to the views expressed by Babycheta, the STUdents Party for InDia (STUPID) have decided to go on strike and stopped coming to school. How that is going to work out is remaining to be seen, since they were already on summer vacation.

In the midst of the melee, the CM was also expected to go on strike, but has surprised his office, who were packed to go on vacation, by saying, “Maybe it’s time for people to stop going on strike and start working.” Hands-on communism anyone?


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