Bloggers of the World, Run!

Or walk, hopscotch, or jump on your pogo-stick to work. Or do some boxing or aerobics after work, if that’s your style. Quick! Chop chop!

Because, famous bloggers are kicking the bucket due to heart diseases and other lifestyle ailments, at an alarming rate, and their obituaries are popping up like nasty pimples (links of some obits), all over the web. You don’t need a doctor to tell you that blogging is now only a few sneezes away from classified as a lifestyle disease.

Truth be told, they had to see this coming. After all, what do professional bloggers do? Just surf the net, write pieces from time to time, while eating slices of pizza, munching chips or sipping high-calorie sugar drinks, into the wee hours of the night. They really don’t need to step out of the house, and when they do, they end up at places like Starbucks, or other places where they kill you with their oily stuff, and if that wasn’t enough, microwave you with Wifi signals. You can’t be more unhealthy than this.


Apart from that, blogging, or just plain surfing is reaching proportions of a compulsive disorder. More so, when you have continuous feeds of information from multiple sources, they just replace your stream of consciousness. You just want to smoke the blog weed, all day long, and when you can’t, you are restless, trying to think up of stuff you can put on your blog. Everything that happens to you has to be on your blog, because everybody you know has to read about what you think, what you did.

You know who think like that? Ego-maniacs. That’s right. At the root of every blogging disorder, apparently, is a psychological disorder. And it gets reinforced once you are in the blogger network, caught in the game of trying to outdo one another.


As for me, blogging has taken a serious toll on my waistline. I need to get out of the house more often, and more importantly I am going to start work soon. I am going to make this a weekly affair, so that you have more time to read, and I have more time to write, and with the more time, I intend to get an offline life.

You, my fellow blogger and reader, in the meanwhile, work out the modalities on how you can get out of the house more often. Or buy insurance, and check the fine print for heart disease.

Phir dekhte hain hum agle hafte, isi channel par. Ting-tong.


6 responses to “Bloggers of the World, Run!

  1. It is strange, though there’s no denying it’s true as is clear from those links, that these hazardous symptoms should extend to non-professional-bloggers also. If this threat is for real, which evidently it is, it should have, in my understanding, more to do with the individual blogger than with blogging per se. In fact my two favourite (and well known) bloggers – Keerthi and Abhinav – excellent both of them in their own ways, can hardly be called caught-by-the-blogging-bug, given that they rarely update their blogs before a month passes since their previous entries. I have been blogging for three years now, and had hitherto kept my blog clean of any unnecessary distractions at all, which further makes me feel the desire to ‘load’ and ‘showcase’ oneself also can not be attributed to blogging as such, nor to a general bloggers’ psyche. Coincidentally, I have only yesterday thrown some stuff around on my page, and was lamenting that not doing that would have made me more becoming for putting forth these views of mine 🙂

  2. 🙂 If you are a professional blogger, my friend, you would hardly get off the computer. 🙂

    Non-professional bloggers, well, aren’t usually in front of the computer that much on an average. I am not saying if you are not a blogger, you can’t be afflicted with this. Just that if you are one, the chances are greater. (Inverse of a condition need not be true, you know.. 🙂 )

    BTW, the more serious issue with continuous blogging is the psychological problems. People are, after sometime, unable to tell apart the real world and the blogging world, and get nervous if they are not in front of the computer! (I can’t seem to find the Economist link, that first reported this phenomenon. )

  3. About your last point, i.e. the more serious issue, I recently wrote a post ( around all that. Maybe you would want to read.

  4. Nitish Saraf

    There is a wordpress app for the new iPhone. I am going to start using that from this week to do my blogs.. lets see if it can revive my dead blog.

  5. You are going to literally blog on the run, are you? 😛

  6. Nitish Saraf

    Yep! although its hard to type on the iPhone while moving, but i shall give it a shot. 🙂

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