Missed the bloody deadline again

If things were hunky dory, you would have been reading a proper blog-post, and I wouldn’t be boring you with this dime-a-dozen apology post, for missing my weekly deadline.

Well, the good news, (or bad news :P) is that I will be getting my internet in a few days. By which point I will be ready with something more substantial. Till then toodles!


22 responses to “Missed the bloody deadline again

  1. Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnn 😛

  2. Oh my… female fan adulation.. I can’t handle it…

  3. hmm… will be waiting to hear more from you 🙂 ……

  4. More female adulation! 🙂

  5. WE WANT TO READ SOME NEW POSTS! what the hell are you upto Lay-man!

  6. Uhh.. getting a job..? 😛

  7. Lay-man. Hmmm. Interesting 😛



  8. not at all!! Not as shady as “slaying the dragon” 😀

  9. So i guesss the Lay-men have more time at their hands now? No work to do? r u guys job hunting already?

  10. Abey saale, jab teri fategi na, tab dekhenge… jale pe namak daal raha..

  11. few days… hmm august 22.. hmmm

  12. still no new blog 😦
    u must really be on the street it seems…

  13. How about resuming blogging now ? Waiting wide eyed..

  14. Blogged. Still on the street. But blogged.

  15. Hey dude,

    I completely sympathise with your situation (professional)….maybe cuz I am in the same boat….I too (just like u and your friends), committed the sin of graduating in finance during the “life and times of bastard bitch sub-prime crisis”…well that’s how I address it…..life in biz school seemed so rosy…especially when I managed to break in the coveted group of the dean’s list…though I am usually not very modest in life, but this is no exaggeration that I was voted as the “youngest CFO to be” from the graduating class….its been 5 months since I graduated and let alone being a future CFO, my lowly analyst job has also been snatched from me…sob-sob, sniff-sniff…

    I moved to London with dreams in my eyes…now I am being blinded by the misery of the financial market….my job (in one of the foremost risk management firms of the world) has been put on indefinite hold….its been three months now….apparently the reason I was given was that they lost some of their biggest clients. since then I have religiously followed the routine of “applying-giving interviews-getting rejected”….all the entry level roles are being usurped by the old farts who just got fired from big banks…people with 3 year work experience are lapping up entry level roles….its truly a recruiters market…BASTARD BITCH !!!!

    Suddenly there is so much free time…u talk of spending time on orkut n facebook….I have memorised all pages of Wikipedia too…reading about unknown losers from all over the world….in-fact its almost 1 AM here and I was surfing thru random orkut profile…I checked yours, cuz ur snap looked cute…. imagine the level of inactivity and the pathetic state of existence at my end, I am writing a comment which is of same length as your blog…I am true blue luzer…u know I am not killing time, I am literally stabbing it !!!

    Here’s hoping both of us get employed soon…
    Best of luck


  16. Aah well, I coined this phrase: “Bankers’ salaries are so bloody high, because their discount rates are so high!”

    Anyway, the tide’s bound to turn sometime, and we should all get our jobs back. Only to be fired again. And re-hired, ad infinitum ad nauseum.

    Yehi hai zindagi humaari.

  17. Oh BTW, best of luck to you too.

  18. If nothing else, consulting is open 😉

  19. I think both of us know, how much consulting and I louu each other.

  20. Thanks a tonne for your suggestion Shruti, I really appreciate it sweetie….although even I have no louuw lost for consulting but desperate times call for desperate measures….so I did apply for some consulting roles in london…after clearing three rounds of interviews, case study and GD I thought I had almost got the job…only to be told later that I am too aggressive and brutal to be a consultant [:(]

  21. No kidding! More aggressive and brutal than Shruti? You applied to wrong places 😛

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