Being Home

I am back home in Delhi, but I am not exactly on holiday.

But I went to London to work, didn’t I? So if I am back home, I should be on holiday right?

Let’s get something straight. I graduated in March, after which I joined late July at my company (well-known ex-bank) and was thrown out a mere 3 months later, during which I was prepared, wound up, geared ready for the my job.

Which, if I haven’t made it already abundantly clear, was never told to me. Or another 149 of us who were waiting for summons.


So I got tired of this waiting and watching, and more waiting and watching, and I decided to take a vacation from this enforced vacation. Which, some of you would know, is not really a vacation, because this vacation is all about how to get out of the first vacation mentioned thereof.

Moral of the story: I am not on holiday. I am looking for a job. (Which again is a full-time job in itself. Aargh. How do I get caught in these recursive loops? Maybe it’s something to do with me being a computer engineer.)


Anyway, now that I am home, I think to myself, let’s make the best of it: Let’s dust up my poor-neglected and bit-cobwebby blog, and become a world-class Twitterer, in the free time I have, apart from, of course, sharpening my waiting-to-be-used bleeding edge financial acumen.

I have promised many people (and a dish) a post, and I intend to make good my promises in this long season of hibernation.

I shall also be posting regularly about my job hunt efforts, taking inspiration from this guy. Who knows, maybe I’ll get a job this way too!

If anybody is interested in giving me a job, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.


4 responses to “Being Home

  1. Who’s the dish? πŸ˜€ (Notice which word I caught on)

    Meanwhile all the best with the hunt. And while vella, finish the bloody posts!

  2. First of all, nice. You have a gravatar πŸ™‚ I likes it.

    Second, that dish is somebody you have met πŸ™‚ I keep dreaming about the dish now as well, and me thinks unless I write about it, it’s going to haunt me.

    I am finishing. Doan worry.

  3. Fish curry, huh?

  4. Yeah, that too πŸ˜›

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