Should parents be administered IQ levels before they have kids?

Remember that C&H strip about Calvin asking his parents, that how could he be sure that their parenting is not screwing up his life? Apart from the minor element of ironical truth in it, I just saw something happen today, that should warrant a law mandating parents should be administered a suitability test for parenting.


There is a junction of 3 roads right outside my home. And even though it’s an inner lane off the main road, it still has decent heavy traffic at peak hours, enough to make you wait for at least 5-10 minutes before you can cross the road. To make the situation clear, I have included a schematic below.

Junction Schematic
Schematic diagram of the junction near my house. Done on Open Office Drawing 2.4

Today, when I was coming back from the local shopping complex, I watched this lady pushing a pram with a kid inside, and a kid being held by the hand, as she crossed the road.

If you are a sane person, you would choose option 1 or option 2, keeping a close watch on the kids, so that they are not in the way of the oncoming traffic.

But the lady in question was in a particularly creative mood today, and decided to trace the random path of a Boltzmann gas molecule, right in the middle of the road. If the area wasn’t so well-lit as it was, I hate to imagine what would have happened to the pram.

While this was happening, a man who had told her to be careful, because earlier, an Ambassador moving at a very fast 5 kmph narrowly missed her pram, when she shoved it in the car’s way, was hyperventilating.

Though before I judge her IQ, I must be sure of her intentions. She might be really clever and could have been playing dumb, in order to get rid of her pesky kids. In which case, she should be made Dictator-for-Life of the Kansa Society.


I related this incident to my parents, and they said, that last night when they were coming back, they were waiting at a red light. Just as it turned green, the driver stomped down the brakes with both his feet and pulled at the hand-brake till he tore it off, because a kid on a tricycle, sans his parents, had decided that it was the right time for him to cross the road.

But when he heard the collective thump of cheeks hitting windscreens, he decided he just might be better off waiting for the cars to clear out before he put on his daredevil act again.

Again of course, I might be wrong about the parents’ intentions. Sending your kids, who have no traffic sense, out alone on the main boulevards, late at night, is a very clever way to kill your kids. KansaSoc, please to be taking note of such paragons, and to be giving them life-memberships.


I think, and seriously that too, that the Kansa Society should put full support to bringing about the Parent-IQ law into existence. Complete with provisions for cops to randomly stop and subject parents to flash IQ tests a la breathalyser tests.

Maybe the State, (here is where the State has incentive also) could start licensing parents before they have kids. Just think of the possibilities – a whole new avenue for corruption, and stuff like that.

Later on, KansaSoc can then resort to beating up stupid parents like a certain Mangalorean vigilante group, claiming to uphold the law of the land. I am already rubbing my hands in glee.


14 responses to “Should parents be administered IQ levels before they have kids?

  1. Yes please. I’d like less of Octomom’s and Brangelina’s kids in the world.
    By the way, this idea puts paid to your football team, no?

  2. Not if they are going to boarding school. πŸ˜› And then the NDA. And then the Army. That way, I can skip their entire childhood, and interact with them only when they are adults.

  3. BTW, what are Octomoms?

  4. Octomom has 14 kids- 6 of them + 1 set of octuplets and is on aid 😐

  5. Oh yeah, that is quite sinful. On the other hand, I don’t so much mind adoption, if it takes the kids off octomoms’ hands and give them to parents who like spanking.

  6. Not only before having kids an IQ test
    should be made mandatory before
    issuing a Voter-ID.

    What do you think….worth exploring in
    the next blog-post πŸ™‚

  7. Naah, that is a little different. In this country, it’s not the IQ-level of the voters that is the problem. Most voters would vote for the right sort of candidates given the choice.

    It’s just that the system doesn’t give them that choice. Either there aren’t any good enough candidates to stand in the elections, or when they are, there is rampant vote-rigging, mud-slinging, bribing, death-threat giving to undermine that good candidate.

  8. wow! rofl at the concept of kansa society.. azeez should get an honorary position in it since he has been doing his bit for it already through his life.. (he used to go to weddings and trip annoying kids that were running around all the time.. )

  9. Hehe. Yeah, Azeez does look like a card-carrying Kansa society member.

  10. wont u need to practice anytime with your football team? πŸ˜› you cant possibly wait for them to grow up that much πŸ™‚

    Our Octomom already has a good team lined up.. hell she even got bench strength for substitutions!! beat that!

    And if they keep going like they are, brangelina will soon be ready to field their own team too..

  11. Haan.. toh that’s why I will be sending them to football camp as well.. πŸ˜›

    Besides, my team won’t need substitutions πŸ˜€ And seriously, you are saying FC Brangelina has a chance against my team?? πŸ˜›

  12. I so want to comment on this, but I shall desist.

    Poor wife of yours, unless some are illegitimate,

  13. If you haven’t noticed already, you did comment. Once we have a successful F.C. we won’t be poor. We will be rich πŸ˜€

  14. We demand more blog posts here!! x-(

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