Sunday afternoon nap

Image by *TheLibertine* via Flickr

After a long time, I finally remember what Sunday afternoons are about – listening to Rachmaninoff / Tchaikovsky, reading the newspaper and dozing off when you want to, waking up suddenly to discover it’s only 4:00pm and lie back and enjoy the afternoon sun streaming through the fluttering curtains and the cool breeze from the fan whirring away conscientiously, with unfailing regularity.


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  1. Reeba Zachariah

    hi, I recently bumped into ur blog. Enjoyed reading some of ur pieces, well, experiences. The sparrow tale was kinda touchy.

  2. Thanks, Reeba! Do you write as well? And how did you stumble upon my blog?

  3. Reeba Zachariah

    Don’t have a blog like u do. If everyone blogs, someone shud b there to read and give feedback as well 🙂 I came across your site while searching for citylights, a weekly column that appears in times of india.

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